Arc Flash in Circuit Breaker Panels - Causes, Effects and Solutions

Arc Flash is a real risk and needs to be addressed carefully. There are various causes of Arc Flash and Loose connection is one of them Loose connections can be monitored by monitoring the temperature of joints. Among all available temperature monitoring techniques, FIPRES is most reliable and is best suited for the application.

Issues like fire, damages and failures are well known in electrical systems. Mostly they can be because of short circuit, loose connections, overload or earth faults. Normally industry has products available for monitoring all other types of electrical failures except loose connections. Our solution focuses on that.

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you FIPRES an brand new technology for fire and overheating in electrical panels by continuous remote monitoring of each terminal connection for overheating. FIPRES is working on patented innovative signal gas technology and is a reliable and cost effective solution to the problem.

This technology is suitable in all places where we have electrical joints etc. specially where,

1. Places where doing thermography is very challenging like HV and MV panels, explosion proof panels.

2. Places where continuous monitoring of overheating is required instead of periodic monitoring like we do in thermography.

3. Places where we have a lot of people around and any small fire can be catastrophic.

4. Places where failure of power supply or asset damage will lead to heavy financial loss.

5. Request you to suggest more applications.

The solution was conceptualized and designed by Streamer Electric AG based out at Chur, Switzerland. Marketing, sales, service and system integration in India is done by Om Technical Solutions, Mumbai.

Please contact for more details

Mubarak Khan

Country Head - India

Streamer Electric AG

+91 9820017527

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